Hot Issues

  1. Dual-Use Pedestrian / Cycle Path around Canning River Regional Park

    WRRA has been working co-operatively with the City of Canning, the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) and local residents to plan an integrated network of recreational paths and footpaths to improve access to the Canning River Regional Park (CRRP) between Riverton Bridge and Casterdale.

    We are pleased to report that:
    • The CRRP Community Advisory Committee and the Mason Ward councillors have offered “in principle” support for WRRA’s proposal; and
    • The City of Canning and CALM are actively reviewing WRRA’s proposal, together with the comments received from the CRRP Community Advisory Committee members.

    It is anticipated that the recreational path network will be developed in stages, initially starting at Riverton Bridge and concluding at Bywater Way, Wilson for the time being (until the Casterdale Site is redeveloped).

    A copy of WRRA's Proposal can be viewed online [Click Here for details].

  2. Neighbourhood Nuisance

    WRRA has put together some guidelines to assist residents to deal with the issue of Anti-Social Behaviour. [Click here for details] [PDF][25Kb]

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