Online Service Requests

This facility was developed as a community service by the Wilson Residents and Ratepayers' Association (WRRA) to submit Service Requests to the City of Canning.

Upon completing the online form (on the following page), the system will automatically send your request to the City of Canning ( for consideration.  You also have the option of sending a copy of the request to the WRRA Committee.

The City of Canning is committed to providing the highest level of service to residents and ratepayers.   All Service Requests lodged online will be handled in the same way as a written (or verbal) request and judged on their own merit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the matter poses a threat to health and safety and requires urgent attention, please call the City on 1300 422 664.

About Service Requests

Service Requests cover all Complaints and Requests made by City of Canning Residents and Ratepayers, with the exception of the following:
  • Any application or approval, or any document relating to any application or approval, for a Licence to be issued or recommended by the City in accordance with a Statutory Law, Regulation or Local Law;
  • Any application for the Hire of a Community Hall or Centre;
  • Any application for the Hire of a Sportsfield or Associated Facility; or
  • Requests relating to the Loan, Use of Library Materials or Facilities.


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