“Anti-Social Behaviour” in Wilson

Many local residents have raised concerns with the Wilson Residents and Ratepayers Association regarding neighbour nuisance and anti-social (unacceptable) behaviour in Wilson.  WRRA has prepared the following guidelines to assist residents to resolve this important issue and make our neighbourhood a SAFER place to live.

  1. Ring Canning Security Patrol on 9231 0699 (24 Hour Service) to report incidents of anti-social or unacceptable behaviour in Wilson.
  2. If the behaviour continues, ring the Cannington Police Station on 9451 0000 to formally register your complaint.  
  3. For serious incidents, such as assaults, domestic disputes and suspected burglaries, contact 9222 1111 immediately and request Police Attendance.   
  4. For life threatening emergencies, ring 000 for immediate assistance.
  5. In cases of persistent anti-social behaviour, keep a diary of the date and times of each incident and the action (if any) that was taken.
  6. Discuss the issue with nearby neighbours and local WRRA members to determine if others feel the same as you (the more the better!).
  7. For rental properties, write to the property owner to register your complaint.  The name of the property owner can be obtained from the City of Canning on 9231 0606.  
  8. For government owned properties and/or assisted rentals, write to the organisation involved.  To register a formal complaint with the Department of Housing and Works, obtain a feedback form from any of the department’s offices, or call Mr Adam Banfield: Accommodation Manager at the Cannington Office on 9356 0425, located at 17 Manning Road, Cannington.

Further Action: Where anti-social behaviour continues -

  1. For rental properties, continue writing letters to property owner and/or the government agency involved until you get a satisfactory response.  Include copies of your diary entries collected over a period of time.
  2. Write to the City of Canning and your local member of Parliament requesting assistance.
  3. Consider calling a local Public Meeting to voice your complaint and set up an action plan (e.g. Signed Petition).  Invite your local member of Parliament and your local councillors to the public meeting.

As a member of the local community, you have rights !

Please Note:  

  • If you would like further assistance, WRRA can only guide you through the use of the above procedure.   WRRA does not have the resources to get directly involved in individual cases. 
  • This information does not constitute legal advice.  If you have a legal problem you should talk to an appropriately trained advisor and/or specialist solicitor, before taking any further action.  
  • Whilst every care has been taken in the compilation of these guidelines, the Wilson Residents and Ratepayers Association (WRRA) and Community Policing will not be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage or other inconvenience caused as result of any inaccuracy or error within these guidelines.
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